The Use Of Screen savers

Screen savers are nothing new and have been associated with computer programs and operating systems from time immemorial. The screen saver works to protect the monitor and it was designed to help cover picture screens or data that were left on a computer screen for a long time. Today the screen saver is designed to provide this service as before but also has other features added to it.

Screen savers

When the personal computer was new it became obvious that if one left the computer display on for long periods of time it would lead to the screen resolution deteriorating faster. The constant display of light and dark colors and their static combinations created problems as to how the computer screen displayed colors.  It was referred to as the burning effect. In order to prevent such damages from occurring, the motion driven display concept was formed. This was coming on when the screen of a computer is left idle for a particular time. The moving display allowed the resolution to change which prevented the burning effect from occurring or ghost images from forming. Users could set the display time for screen saver which would activate when a computer screen was left idle for such a time period. Computer manufacturers recommend that the screen saver should be activated no less than 20 minutes or less of idle time.

Screen savers were formed primarily to protect the resolution of computer screens but they also help add fun and character to your computer or laptop. Nowadays there are different screen saver applications that can be attractive as well as whimsical that make your workstation take a break and produce some pleasing images for you or others to look at. Moving images in screen savers can vary from scrolling marquees to animated figures as well as scenes like a rainstorm with lightning features. I had a friend who worked at Las Vegas Best Pavers at the time who had this screensaver at the time which I thougt was hilarious:



Screen savers also work as protective barriers to your work and files on your computer. A computer when unattended can be configured to have a screen saver come on, that is protected with a pass code. The user on his or her return will move the mouse and enter the password in the dialogue box that comes up. The right code when entered helps the user to reenter and deactivate the screen saver as well as a return to the work that was being done before the break.


Screen Savers And Their Evolution With Time

Screensavers are moving, changing and rotating images that come on when computer monitors are left idle for a certain period of time. These came from use when Cathode Ray Tube monitors were in vogue before the Liquid Crystal Display or LCD monitors came in. The CRT monitors were subject to a burning effect when the computer screen was left on for an extended period of time. There was a tendency of a static image showing up or a ghostly replica of the same when the display was left on for a long time. The screen saver was configured as a program that came on when a computer screen was left idle for long; this helped to prevent the burning effect in CRT monitors.

Screen Savers

Today LCD monitors are prevalent in computers and laptops and hence the burning effect is not found, though image persistence is something that does occur even in LCD monitors. There are polarized crystals that form when the same color is displayed on the screen for a long time. In order to prevent such effects, it is advisable that the display is turned off for a certain number of hours during the day or at night.

Even if image persistence is not as problematic as burn-in effects in CRT monitors, screen savers have certain other functions to offer as well, for which they have become popular and remain so even in modern computers. People can configure their screen saver applications to come on after a certain time period to enjoy the visual experiences they provide which are a break from the display of word documents, spreadsheets or web browsers. One can configure different kinds of screen savers as many are provided with the operating system. In other cases, one can also download different kinds of free screen savers from online sites. These could display different geometric patterns, could be underwater scenes, crisscross logos and other visuals. It is even possible to create screensavers with one’s personalized photos. If you are an avid follower of a website or a show, are a fan of a certain celebrity, theme or cause, you could find free screensavers that showcase such themes. That would help to show what your passion is to the rest of the world.