At the time when screensavers were formed, they were designed with the function to prevent the burning effect that affected screen resolution in CRT computer monitors. Today the LCD monitors do not have that problem, but even then screen savers have continued as they provide a visual relief from the usual desktop or web interface that we see while working on our computers as well to protect data and files from being evident or apparent when the computer or laptop is left idle for long.

3D Wallpapers

3D wallpapers and screensavers are all the rage for the realistic effects or high visualization effects they provide. These are creative and awesome to look at, whether you are sitting back and doing something else while your computer lies idle or have left the computer screen idle and unattended. Here are some popular screensavers that are favorites of many:

  •         Musical screensavers

Those who love musicals like Cirque Du Soleil will surely love to have a screensaver that showcases music or image of such great shows. Indeed, three-dimensional screensavers create psychedelic effects that one will love to check out on their screen monitor as a screensaver program.

  •         Gaming screensavers

If you are a Nintendo gaming enthusiast, you can find free three-dimensional screensaver programs to download from the NES sites. There are interesting titles to choose from, no matter which game you love to follow and would like to see as your computer screensaver.

  •         Computer message screensavers

For those who love to have some wicked fun on unsuspecting individuals and give them a scare, there are quirky screen savers such as the Blue Screen of Death that showcases the grim messages when your operating system has crashed and is trying to reboot. It is definitely akin to nails working on the chalkboard that can tickle the funny bone in certain people.

  •         Feed from surveillance cameras

This is an interesting concept which often works for those who have live monitoring systems or surveillance software active on their system. Even if you have none of that, you could select from different public live surveillance cameras to get the feed showcased as your screensaver, allowing you to check out live happenings on your desktop at any time.

  •         Sci-fi screensavers

Those who love the high definition imagery, they can opt for sci-fi themed screensavers. These are great to check out on your computer as the transform your computer screen and can be chosen from different titles and categories.

The above categories are some that you could check out when you wish to try the high definition and vivid quality of three-dimensional effects on screensaver programs.